Polyurethane foam insulation


Hotshot Engineer closes his skypod

The favorite home-spiration for many homeowners and builders was technically closed off for over 10 days. The spacious and cabin like abode of Slater Young withstood the harsh pangs of Typhoon Odette which hit his precious homeland Cebu last 2021 got its first taste of renovation last March 2022.

With its restoration in full swing, the hotshot civil engineer didn’t compromise with the possibility of another super typhoon hitting home once again. This time, Slater made it clear of not wanting any possibility of wind uplifting his entire roofing system while getting the best thermal and sound insulation available in the market.

Opting to use Ecofoam Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation, Slater and his growing family can now enjoy the highest average thermal resistance value of any insulating material, reduce the drumming effect of the raindrops (this ripples to being able to shoot more vlogs and podcasts and being able to watch his favorite TV shows – undisturbed), the confidence of having a secondary waterproofing above his roof and the peace of mind knowing that his roof is insulated with a self extinguishing product.

Watch the video (below) of this exclusive house tour and of course the priceless reaction of his adorable wife – Kryz.

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