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Polyurethane foam insulation


Ecofoam provides numerous application possibilities

With our current Ecofoam product line up, we offer the widest application variations which can be customized according to your needs.

residential applications

Residential Applications

Where we want to be most comfortable is where we put the best insulation material. Envelope your personal space with Ecofoam! From your roof to where heat is directly radiated or to the walls facing the afternoon sun. Be kind to your air-conditioning system, to the environment and be kinder to your pockets. Consult with our team of experts on how Ecofoam can help you turn your house into a home.

polyurethane foam insulation for Residential Applications
polyurethane foam insulation for warehouses


We love to work on warehouses of various kinds. Cold storages are our personal favorite since through applications like them is where we can definitely add a substantial cost saving value. With Ecofoam, we can maintain the cool inside your system with very minimal air leaks that add stress to your freezers. For traditional warehouses, combine Ecofoam with a good ventilation system and you will keep an overall healthy environment for your team working under the roof. Goods of all sorts also are always preferred to be stored in a space where temperature is somewhat controlled with a free flow of fresh air.

boat making and repair

Boat Making and Repair

To the boat builders and contractors, Ecofoam is your best friend. We give you the best insulation material and the buoyancy needed for your craft. These are all without the extra weight to add strain to your vessel. But wait, we don’t stop there. We rescue damage vessels as well. For boat restoration jobs, Ecofoam can still help you. For small repairs, our Ecofoam Fill ‘Em Up can get the job done. For repairs that are a bit more major, Ecofoam also provides the pouring variant. It’s the same Ecofoam product for different applications for your peace of mind.

polyurethane foam insulation for boat making and repair
DIY polyurethane foam insulation

Do It Yourself

For common repair jobs, quick fixes and for the hobbyists – because why not? Why spend on costly professionals for minor repairs when you can do it on your own with Ecofoam Fill ‘Em Up? Seal gaps and fill up unwanted crevices independently! Let your imagination take you to wherever you want to explore in your crafts with Ecofoam pouring variant, cut shapes, figurines and create a 3D model because you can with Ecofoam.



Cold storage trucks and insulated vans are our forte. No insulation material can beat Ecofoam. We are lightweight, easy to install, and we have the highest thermal resistance value against all insulation products in the market. Not to mention, Ecofoam is repairable in case of minor damages. Keep medical items, fresh produce, and other temperature sensitive items fresh as you transport them end to end. You beat the traffic jam while we beat the heat inside your insulated vans.

polyurethane foam insulation for logistics
polyurethane foam insulation for industrial and manufacturing
industrial and manufacturing

Industrial and Manufacturing

Certain manufacturing plants require a controlled temperature, such as semiconductor factories, to avoid quality issues on their finished goods. In the tropics where ambient temperature can be anywhere from 31 degrees up to 38 degrees Celsius, Let Ecofoam can help you in cost savings from the hefty air-conditioning bills as these plants run round the clock at times. We can keep the cool enclosed in the facility and that gives your pocket and your air-conditioning units a breather. Also, Ecofoam can help avoid condensation issues. The result when two different temperatures (cold and hot) come in contact is water in the form of droplets. We can mediate the gap between very varying temperatures thus reducing these droplets from forming.

commercial spaces

Commercial Spaces

Commercial spaces are a staple in the Ecofoam project pipeline. Some common applications are mall establishments where comfort cooling is a must. We’ve also done several projects for buildings housing BPOs, as Ecofoam is able to disperse the drumming sound of rain that highly disrupts their floor operation. Lately with the rising popularity of temporary offices using shipping container vans (TempFacils), we also jumped into this bandwagon. Ecofoam can provide a lot of tender loving care to these on-site office personnel.

polyurethane foam insulation for commercial spaces
polyurethane foam insulation for special projects
special projects

Special Projects

Who would’ve thought Ecofoam would take part in making horror booths and in insulating genset rooms to defuse the noise from power generators? With innovations coming from the ingenuity of Filipinos, special projects of all sorts never surprise us. With arms wide open, Ecofoam embraces the challenge of continuous research and development for new applications. To date, the only limit to the capabilities of Ecofoam is the capacity of your imagination.

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We believe that you deserve the best.

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