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Polyurethane foam insulation


Empedrad Residence Interior Insulation

Updated: Nov 16, 2021



Project Name:

Roofing Installation Project


Empedrad Residential


Ecofoam Spray - up Application

​Date Completed:

August 2009


Cagayan De Oro City


S.E.A Olympus Marketing Inc.

Total Area:

637.98 sq. meters


A commercial building fronting a residential subdivision intends to have an insulation material installed under the molded galvanized roofing system of the building and at the same time to seal gaps and jointing in the roofing area. The owner also intended to control HVAC factors such as thermal insulation and water proofing systems.


S.E.A Olympus Marketing Inc. installed ECOFOAM Polyurethane Foam, temperature inside the building during the construction period decreased and is expected to perform as desired once such was completed to eliminated unnecessary air circulation and further avoid moisture. More so, the insulation material added structural strength to the roofing system with additional water-proofing features as a bonus for using a sprayed-polyurethane foam material.

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