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Polyurethane foam insulation


Cadiz City Cold Storage Van

Updated: Dec 10, 2021



Project Name:

Cold Storage Container VAN


Mr. Allan Daniel


Ecofoam Spray - up Application

​Date Completed:

​April 22, 2010


​Cadiz City Bacolod


S.E.A Olympus Marketing Inc.

Total Area:

186 sq. meters


​The owner of the container van Mr. Allan Daniel wants to convert it into a cold storage in which he will be using for his fishing business. He wanted to eliminate the rust and heat transfer in the container van. Upon knowing about Ecofoam Polyurethane Insulation, he then decided to use such material.


​Ecofoam Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation is chosen due to its high R-value, thermal resistance, flexibility, and performance under extreme temperatures. The container was then cleaned to remove all the rust by using an epoxy based low temperature primer system. The next day, Ecofoam Spray Polyurethane foam was made having a inches standard thickness sprayed inside the container van. Ecofoam has the capacity to conform to any shape, completely seal all gaps and cervices with an air-tight barrier. Ecofoam Spray Polyurethane Foam both blocks moisture and vapor movement making it the most effective insulation material in the market.

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