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Polyurethane foam insulation


Ina Micro Exterior Roof Insulation

Updated: Nov 16, 2021



Project Name:

Exterior Roofing Insulation Project


Ina Micro


ECOFOAM Spray - up Application

Date Completed:

June 23, 2010


MEPZ 2, Basak, Lapu-Lapu City


S.E.A Olympus Marketing Inc.

Total Area:

1,864 sq. meters


​In order to provide a cooler work environment, the company had to turn the air conditioning system on for long periods of time. This resulted in staggering monthly electricity bills. which the company hopes to cut down through proper insulation.


The management decided to use ECOFOAM Polyurethane Foam for roofing and insulation purposes. To prepare the area, a primer was first applied; this ensured an absolutely clean surface. Our team of experts followed the process with the installation of ECOFOAM. For protection from UV rays, an elastomeric paint was used to coat the cured foam. ECOFOAM's superior insulation properties will help lessen electricity use and improve structural strength of building.

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